Negotiate with Apple

In March 2012, began to specialize in Apple ipad products.
November 11, 2016, the shop sales exceeded 50 million RMB.
November 11, 2017, the shop sales exceeded 53 million RMB.

Brand Introduction
At the beginning of the Apple’s company founding, the main development and sale were personal computers, as of 2014 the company began its development and sale of consumer electronics, computer software, online services and personal computers. Apple II launched the PC Revolution in 1970 and the Macintosh relay continued to develop in the 1980’s. The company’s hardware products are mainly Mac computer, Ipod media player, iphone smart phone, and the ipad tablet; Online services included icloud, Itunes store, and app store; consumer software includes OS X and IOS operating systems, itunes multimedia broswer, safari web browser, and ilife and iwork creative production kits. Apple is well known for its innovation in High-tech enterprises. 

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