Vchoice Inc. was Invited to Canada to attend GATEWAY ‘17 fo

On September 25, China's leading entrepreneurs, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma attended the Canadian SME Forum in Toronto, Canada, on the theme “Gateway ‘17”.

During the forum, facing Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and more than 3,000 business owners, Jack Ma said China's large and growing middle class would surpass 500 million people in 5 years, more than the population of North America. Last year, China became the world's largest online retail market, and by next year China would spend more online than the rest of the world combined. Canada's Small to medium enterprises and young people will be able to easily reach these opportunities through the platform of the company's TMall International, these factors will push China to become the biggest opportunity in the history of Canadian business.

Vchoice Inc, with many years of experience in the e-commerce and many successful projects were invited to participate in the forum, the Forum attracted many potential customers to come to the consultation, the company to stay in contact with each other to discuss cooperation plans.

(Vchoice business operators are receiving user consultation)
The company will also take this as an opportunity to continue to promote the development of e-commerce trade between China and Canada based on cross-border e-commerce and bring high-quality local products from Canada to China.
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Zhejiang Vchoice Business Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, with a number of excellent project team and nearly a decade of E-commerce experience, is the leading domestic T-mall international platform on behalf of operating service providers. For international well-known brands to provide a professional e-commerce service (the current service brand includes Apple, Philips, HP, good kids, Schiff (from the U.S), Korea AHC, France Yves Rocher, etc., can provide brand side complete operation plan, provide brand integration marketing, platform operation, IT system, Warehousing Logistics, customer service and other services, in the 3C digital, automotive products, Cross-border health care products, Cross-border beauty and other industries have a very rich store operating experience in the flagship store.

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