Zhejiangweixuan in 2019 to win the "Tiancat Five-Star Servi

In the past 2019 quarters of third quarter, the international service providers' evaluation was awarded to the international five star service provider again, and got 12 points (total 12 points).


It is reported that Tmall's official service selection is the most authoritative and best service provider in the industry. It is one of the most important awards in the electricity supplier industry. The selection of Tmall star service providers aims at promoting the development of service providers, protecting the interests of merchants and facilitated the comparison between operators. The rating objects of the star rated service providers are all operators of the platform. According to the multi-dimensional evaluation of the "basic store operation ability" of the service providers and the comprehensive operation strength of the service providers, they are divided into three levels, namely, five star, four star and three-star operation service providers. The higher the star level, the stronger the comprehensive ability of the service providers.

Founded in 2008, Zhejiang only choice Trading Co., Ltd. has many outstanding project teams and more than ten years of e-commerce experience. It is the leading Tmall and Tmall international platform service provider, providing a professional one-stop e-commerce service for well-known brands both at home and abroad. The award of "five star service providers" is highly recognized by the platform for the ability to choose the best candidates. Under the encouragement of this title, the selection will not forget the original intention, and work hand in hand to create brilliance together.

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