A new start


  Wood cutting is Dingding, birdsong is singing, it comes from the valley and moves to the trees.
  Birds ask what's singing, it's calling for friends, why birds move to trees, it's to see farther, wider, fly higher, birds are so, we are also. Only the commercial human resources department, the finance office department and the live broadcast room were officially moved to the new office area on October 24, 2019. Let's see if our vision is very broad!

  If you want to come, I will not send you. If you come, you will be treated with high-quality tea! This is the reception hall and leisure area. The decoration is elegant and noble, which makes people feel comfortable!

  On the left side of the door is the human resources department. How about the color of the office?

  There is no rehearsal in life. We are broadcasting every day. This is our studio!

  Finally, look at the most mysterious department - the financial department, the way of business management, entrusted to the dexterous hand, and operational research on the abacus!

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