crowd funding a full range of life scenarios to boost the co

This is the best of times and time to witness miracles. In 2016, JD crowd funding platform created more than 50 million projects, more than 500 million projects. PowerEgg uav with more than 100 million of high value exclusive annual total amount of financing, "your love all the agreed" the raise project relies on the support of the 374000 population, created the highest record of the raise turnout. In addition, the mavs M1 smart electric car, China's faw-jun A70 and FIIL DIVA smart earphones, all have been successful.

Clearly, the emergence of JD crowd funding has made the pretend ability, high quality, and innovative low-priced goods into the ordinary people's homes. JD raise changed the monotonous way of shopping, allows users to purchase products, is no longer a simple but to participate in the whole product design, research and development, production, etc. The whole process, effectively meet and promote the domestic consumption of users upgrade experience.

In order to satisfy the consumer to upgrade to the greatest extent under the background of era user diversification, individualized consumption demand, JD raise adhering to the "apart from time, anything can be raised" concept, the raise product type can be divided into 3C, home appliances, life aesthetics, popular culture, and love public welfare and so on five major areas, covers the intelligent hardware, household appliances, household, maternal and child, travel, publishing, music, games, film and television, automobiles and sporting goods, etc, almost inclusive of people’s daily needs of all products.

Crowd funding is a mix of everything, but there is a category of products that have been closely watched by users, which is the combination of popular IP products.
Due to the cultural nature of IP and the raise itself has a natural connection, more and more entertainment star is also involved in the raise, JD raised platform peremptory became the raise IP culture project growth fertile soil. So far this year, there have been a number of famous IP addresses such as star performers, anime, games, and TV series, which have been selected as the preferred platform for them to monetize their IP.

It is reported that many celebrities will be involved in their own  cross-border business project or participate in the design of the project to JD raise, such as "China's new song" three teachers Jay Chou's 1MORE players and headphones, NaYing’s NASING music theme of herbal tea and Wang Feng’s FIIL DIVE headphones. Partnered for more than ten years, the banner of the cross talk of GuoDeGang DEYUN of red wine, Yu Qian’s Qian wine, and the goddess GaoYuanYuan to participate in the design of handmade soaps and other projects has been JD the raised platform, has become the hottest topic.

In addition, the animation and video game class IP products the raise aspect, including the popular role in the domestic well-known game Chinese Paladdin, Bu liang ren 2(game well-known among chinese) series related derivatives, SONY XZ Final Fantasy awakening customized version, grave notes custom version of the mobile phone, Daomu Biji limited edition lighter attracted the attention of many fans.

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