A new start

A new start Wood cutting is Dingding, birdsong is singing, it comes from the valley and moves to the trees. Birds ask whats singing, its calling for friends, why birds move to trees, its to see farther, wider, fly higher, birds are so, we a

11 years in the same boat

11 years in the same boat On October 18, an ordinary and ordinary day, the preparation meeting of the double 11 was in full swing, and vchoice also ushered in the birthday of another meritorious official. While actively preparing for the wa

Zhejiangweixuan in 2019 to win the "Tiancat Five-Star Servi

In the past 2019 quarters of third quarter, the international service providers evaluation was awarded to the international five star service provider again, and got 12 points (total 12 points). It is reported that Tmalls official service s

Vchoice Inc. was Invited to Canada to attend GATEWAY ‘17 fo

On September 25, Chinas leading entrepreneurs, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma attended the Canadian SME Forum in Toronto, Canada, on the theme Gateway 17. During the forum, facing Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and more than 3,000 business o

Vchoice Agent brand invited to participate in the Tmall Club

September 19, the Tmall International 2017 Cross-border Strategic cooperation is officially launched at the Alibaba Park in Hangzhou! Major media and corporate executives attended and delivered a speech. This paper expounds the choice of thi

Movefree official overseas flagship store won the Tmall inte

On April 18, Tmall international 2017 global partnership for global cooperation was held in Hangzhou. The companys Movefree official overseas flagship store is proud of its achievements in business meetings. Step into the entrance, the busi

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