Job Opportunities

Job requirements: 4 people E-mail to:
The job description
1.To facilitate transactions and recommend related products by using the online solutions such as Wangwang and Qianniu software, etc.
2.Manage customer orders to help customers to track logistics;
3.Responsible for effective customer management and communication, maintain good customer relationship
4.Familiar with the company's product performance, characteristics, and good recommendation to customers.

Job requirements
1.More than 1 year experience in electric business service, college degree or above.
2.Be familiar with the relevant process of shopping, such as Taobao, JD etc., and have certain sales skills.
3.Strong ability, open-minded, enthusiastic, active and logical
4.Good at "keyboard expression", typing speed is not less than 60 words per minute.
5.Able to adapt to night work.
6.Customer service experience in automobile, mother and baby, food and health products is preferred.
Job requirements: 2 people E-mail to:
The job description
1.To be responsible for the design, production and maintenance of the company website, and realize the company's requirement for the function of website style and service.
2.Responsible for network store vision planning, design, and product description;
3.Assist the operations manager in the daily promotional activities, page design, banner design, EDM design;
4.Post production of the picture modified, beautified and decorated;
5.Responsible for Taobao page, the overall site of the page design art production;

Job requirements
1.Responsible for the overall image design, decoration and production of the online page, and should be updated in time for the monthly marketing campaign;
2.Responsible for the beautification, editing, production and management of product pictures;
3.Be good at calorific collocation, the thought is active, have the idea, have the stronger visual effect performance ability, have certain literary case the foundation;
4.Cooperate with marketing activities, make page promotion pictures and advertising posters and other graphic support work;
5.Produce product description and shelf goods.
6.The basic skills are solid, the software and skills necessary to master the work of the artists must be mastered. Proficient in photoshop, DW and other web graphic design, photo editing software 7.Have good aesthetic, have a good understanding and communication ability, has the independent thinking ability to work, take the initiative to the shop to do professional level, do not welcome completely passive accept design thinking and work!
8.Familiar with Taobao decoration background, understand and be able to use HTML/CSS and other relevant code to be accepted;
9.Strong language communication ability, cheerful disposition, active initiative, good faith, not afraid of bitterness. Willing to develop with the company, be willing to learn, be able to assist the superior to complete the work very well;
10.Familiar with Taobao graphic design process, it is preferred to have Taobao working experience or related graduates;
Note: candidates please take ID card and relevant degree certificate (or copy), the best design scheme and passing by on the band works, experience is preferred.
Job requirements: 3 people E-mail to:
The job description
1.Responsible for the company's Tmall brand flagship store (automotive supplies, baby products), Tmall international brand flagship stores (imports of baby products and health care products), Tmall KA (3C digital stores, car products) shop daily management, develop the overall packaging of the program, tracking production, control, implementation and development of the shop operating plan;
2.Responsible for Tmall and Tmall international marketing activities planning, registration, promotion, or brand promotion scheme design, discussion and implementation, improve store click-through rates, traffic and conversion rate;
3.Responsible for all Tmall stores online activities and project planning, online promotion ideas and effect optimization; Develop and implement various promotion plans to control the effect of activities;
4.IP, PV of Tmall store sales, bounce rate, regional distribution, conversion rate and make the professional data analysis and usually completes the competition site data collection, evaluation and analysis;
5.Collect and analyze industry data, according to the characteristics of its own brand products, develop the pricing strategy and the marketing strategy;
6.Cooperate with operation manager to set up all sales targets and sales targets for the Taobao store and be responsible for sales targets
7.Support operations manager to establish various marketing plan and is responsible for the implementation, improve the store views and views, the promotion effect tracking, monitoring, evaluation and submit statistical analysis of promotion effect report, in view of the problem put forward the improvement measures in time;
8.The data analysis of data software such as the cube, quantum statistics, and direct traffic of the store is tracked in real time, providing detailed market sales analysis for the project manager;
9.To complete other matters assigned by the leader

Job requirements
1.College degree or above, major in marketing, e-commerce, etc;
2.2 years working experience in the internet, including 1 year experience in mobile internet products operation related management, operational ideas and methods of product and the mobile Internet industry has in-depth knowledge and understanding
3.Be familiar with the relevant products and operation development of the industry, can offer prospective operation idea;
4.Strong market insight, innovative spirit and strong ability to resist pressure;
5.Unique operating ideas and experience and hot style operating experience are preferred;
6.With good work ethic and learning ability, good analytic judgment ability, can take the job pressure, optimistic;

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