Zhejiang Vchoice Business Co., LTD founded in 2008, currently has a variety of excellent project team and for nearly 10 years experience in e-commerce, is a leading domestic Tmall and Tmall international platform operating service, for the international famous brands to provide professional one-stop operation service shang dynasty (the current service brand with apple, philips, HP, good boy, American SCHIFF, AHC, South Korea, France yves Li Xue, etc.), can provide complete operational plan for the brand, brand integrated marketing, platform operation, IT systems, warehousing logistics, customer service and so on each link of service, in the 3 c digital products, car, cross-boundary health care products, beauty makeup, and other industries has a very rich flagship shops operating experience, with excellent practical result, the company team to be familiar with the related industries, has a line for many years

Enterprise culture

Keep on learning、Perseverance、Trust each other、People oriented

Enterprise vision

Customer first、The team cooperation、Adaptation、Honesty, passion and dedication

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